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Guiding parents how to develop meaningful relationships with their neurodiverse children. 

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Discover CAPA's philosophy through a series of webinars describing the RDI program, hosted by Claudia Perez Andreessen! 

Claudia Perez- Andreessen

CAPA Director and Founder

  • Over 20 years practicing developmental concepts and strategies.

  • Presented conferences throughout the world including the United States, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Australia, China, and Singapore.

  • Certified over 80 RDI Professional Consultants.

  • Provides individual family programs in both English and Spanish.


Become an RDI Professional Consultant

Clases en Español

1. Learn Training Concepts of RDI 

Trainees are taught in depth the RDI Program and how to tailor them to a personalized program.

2. Apply Learnings with Real Clients

Allows you to work with an actual family under close supervision of the RDI Trainer.

3. Recognized


Certification allows you to practice RDI and recognize you in the RDIconnect community.


Work directly with CAPA on a program specific to your family.

Receive RDA Assessment to establish developmental baseline.

Create personalized parental training plan catered to your individual family situation.

Through bi monthly consultations, practice and implement lifestyle concepts.

Continue at your own pace that best fits your long term goals and strategies.


"Together with our consultant Claudia Perez-Andreessen we work together to understand (our son's) challenges in life and help him overcome his obstacles. 

We highly recommend RDI as a great tool to help your beloved child achieve his best potential."

-Pedro Mego, MD and Ingrid Chacon-Mego, MD

"Claudia has worked with me in depth to understand my behaviors and prepare me to be a better guide for my child.


This preparation has already resulted in changing a number of (my son's) behaviors (and mine) that were obstacles to his growth and awareness."

-Melinda Castro, MD

"Claudia has been and continues to be instrumental in assisting me in constructing a comprehensive world-renowned program for Autism Treatment, an accompanying RDI Consultant Training Program operating in over 30 countries and an online training and support platform, currently serving thousands of families with ASD children. She has participated in both a program development, research and training capacity.


For example, Claudia has had a central role in training over 200 professional consultants from over 30 countries and providing ongoing continuing education as the program continues to evolve. Finally, Claudia has personally worked as an RDI Consultant, providing education, counseling and evaluation to many families from diverse cultures. Her poise, professionalism and clinical acumen places her at the top 5% of all clinicians I have had the privilege of working with and training over the span of my 30 years as a Clinical Psychologist.


I highly recommend Claudia without any reservations."

-Steven E. Gutstein Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, RDIconnect

"My personal knowledge of Claudia extends over the past 20 years, nine as an employee in our organization. RDIconnect has developed a methodology for restoring the guiding relationship for parents of children who have autism. This includes both direct work with families and training of professionals interested in our approach. Claudia was involved in all aspects of this program, consultation with parents, creation of an online system and world-wide training of professionals and parents. In this regard, we considered Claudia’s expertise of such value that she represented us and conducted training in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Claudia has a quick mind and a rare gift of compassionate insight when dealing with families, traumatized by the diagnosis and presence of autism in their families. Her assessments and planning have always been spot-on. Each family with whom she worked and each professional that she trained moved forward empowered, self-sufficient and independent. Claudia pioneered Relationship Development Intervention alongside us and remains integral to the work as we continue to develop it." 

-Rachelle K. Sheely Ph.D.
President, RDIconnect


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