• Se mas efectivo en tu trabajo con los padres de personas neurodiversas.

  • Ayuda a personas neurodiversas a pensar, comunicarse y relacionarse de forma significativa.

  • Aprende un modelo de desarrollo construido en la investigacion actual.

Consultants are the key to the RDI program in families. They work as coaches for parents as follows:

  • Provide education on development issues

  • Create a systematic plan to implement goals and objectives so that parents learn to be guides for their children

  • Guide parents to promote their child's mental growth during the daily routine

  • They guide parents to learn to observe and analyze themselves, their children and the state of the process of "guiding"

  • Teaching parents when to insert cognitive challenges in activities

  • Monitor progress

Professional Course Description



  • Learning of the theoretical foundations behind RDI programs that apply to neuronal development, dynamic intelligence, dynamic communication, etiology and the pathogenesis of autism, myths vs. science.

  • Goals and Objectives of the Family Consultation Program

  • RDI online community and peer support

  • General principles of consultancy: productive communication to the client, support to the family maintaining limits, development of responsibility contracts, sensitive clinical interview

  • Helping parents develop an optimal environment to guide their children: choice of activities, authenticity of the role, conscious decision-making

  • Customize goals in lessons and manageable assignments

  • Framing, Scaffolding and custom support in interaction

  • Regulatory Patterns

  • Learning to use the RDA instrument as a dynamic eva​luation


  • Professional Title (any field) before applying

  • Read the book "The RDI® book" before applying

  • Approved Application for Certification ($ 50 non-refundable dlls) and RDI Contract

  • For the parents of a child with ASD, having worked on the RDI method with your child under the guidance of a RDI® Certified Consultant for a minimum of six months

Find out from Claudia and other professionals what it means to be RDI Certified and how it can impact others.

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